Out of the Ordinary

At first glance she looked like any other Exotic Peach customer as she entered the store. Her mind seemed focused on her mission, her eyes swept across the store hopefully. I approached with some enthusiasm. She was searching for Shape Wear for a dress she'd planned to wear to a special event. 'It is unusual' she said as she pulled it from her bag. The dress had mesh insert panels that swooped across the front exposing the upper right hip. 'I can't find anything that I can wear with it that won't show through, but still hide my tummy' she said, 'And what's worse is that I need it by tomorrow!' Her expression seemed pained and discouraged. 'Hmmm', luckily we have Roberta's years of experience to draw from. 'OK', says Roberta, 'leave it to me, I will figure something out' and with that Roberta designed and created a shape wear panty that fit the dress dimensions perfectly. Surprised and grateful, our customer was able to take her special order home the same day!

The dress may have been unusual as was the circumstance, but the scenario is not. Many times we have been approached by people with unique problems to solve. This practice is not one we that we openly advertise, but it is something worth mentioning as it sets us apart from any other Lingerie/Swim store. Where else will you find custom fitted garments, and customer service so individual that we are confident you will share your experience with everyone you know!


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  • I was in the store today and Gail helped me FINALLY find a bra that fit proper. I am so happy the last bra I bought was almost 4 years ago and never did fit right. I went in with a 36DD and came out with a 32G. Gail was so nice and patient with me and brought in so many different styles and a few different sizes till we found the one! Roberta was also so very sweet and helpful! The straps were too long on a pretty outfit and she QUICKLY fixed that issue for me. Both ladies plus the other sales girl were incredible- I went in with low hopes and now can not wait till they get more stuff in my size with the styles I like! I will definitely be going back to buy some more items. I would like to say THANK YOU! for taking your time with me and all of your fabulous help.

    Lee-Ann H

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