Spanische Fliege Drops

Spanische Fliege Drops

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SPANISCHE FLIEGE Drops contain the well-known cantharides (Spanish Fly)

Spanische Fliege improves and increases stamina while equally important, relaxing the mind. In addition, they stimulate the body with strong sexual desires. Above all, increase her Libido with a product specifically formulated in a liquid drop remedy. In many cases it raises the hormones necessary for healthy sexual functions. In conclusion, it is a sexual booster thus giving pleasure to both sexes.

Spanische Fliege Drops contain the well-known cantharides (Spanish Fly) in safe controlled dosed quantities (D6). Natural medicine has long used urethral oil drops as an Aphrodisiac. These drops are easy to use and enhanced desire and sexual pleasure.

This Aphrodisiac product gives exceptional results to most people.  Only a few drops are needed to increase your sexual needs.

Ingredients: Cantharis D6, Oils of Rosemary, Cinnamon, Peppermint and Basil.

Dosage: Add 5-10 Drops into a liquid drink. Contains 100ml.

Only shipped within Canada