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Become an Exotic Peach Goddess

Updated: Jun 22

Hello! and Welcome to Exotic Peach!

We are a new company, rapidly growing in popularity among our community of Leduc and Edmonton. We specialize in Yoga wear, Swimwear and Pole fitness wear. We are a Canadian company that design and manufacture our products to fit your body or your money back. We have over 15 years of design experience and we are proud to offer suggestions on products and styles that would work best with your body type. We pride ourselves on the ability to fit many body shapes. This is an art lost to many companies, where as they build their product to fit the average body. We want to include all of you. Some of our styles are better suited to certain body types, example; size of bust, or butt big or small. We will offer suggestions in the product details for easier selection.

Fitness is for everyone in spite of your size. Our mission is to ensure that all of you are accommodated to help you on your journey. Fitness is not just for the body, it is for the mind and the soul. We want to help you achieve your goals. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel and look your best, this is when you really fly. Embrace your body, it is beautiful.


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