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New Beginnings

Life has changed so much in the last four months, many of us are left dazed, confused and bewildered. Uncertain of tomorrow and what comes next. Covid 19 has and continues to rage against us with unbiased intent. We must pull together in these desperate times and support one another. We must stand in solidarity along side our neighbors, friends and families. Let's put racism to rest forever, it has no place here. We are all in this fight together, we must hold each up in troubled times. Let LOVE lead us to do great things. We CAN do great things if we ALL work together for a better world. Let this crisis be the catalyst for change.

Our pledge to you is to show diversity in our models and our product. Expect that when the curtain rises on this site, that our vision will be clear. Our direction will be set. Our hope is that you will be there with us.


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