Mojo – Get It On Prostate Stimulating Gel – 3ml

Mojo – Get It On Prostate Stimulating Gel – 3ml

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Mojo by Intimate Earth has created a product specifically made for exploring p-spot stimulation and will help those looking to naturally enhance sensation in the anal area.

The prostate stimulating gel contains natural, organically sourced ingredients that work together to heighten arousal and make the prostate gland more sensitive.

This gel contains no menthol, parabens or animal ingredients and is easier than ever to apply. Simply apply a small amount to your fingertip and massage into the upper anal canal, waiting around 5 minutes for the product to take full effect.

Pair the gel with your favourite lubricant, as this gel does not take the place of a lube.

Mojo Get It On Prostate Stimulating Gel is 100% vegan, paraben, glycerin and menthol free, and is safe to use with latex condoms.

Key Features:

-Prostate Stimulating Gel

-Natural Enhance Sensation

-Heighten Arousal

-Natural Ingredients

-Easy to Apply


-Paraben Free

-Glycerin Free

-Menthol Free

-Safe to Use with Latex Condoms