Pear Wood Fine Tooth Beard Comb

Pear Wood Fine Tooth Beard Comb

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  • Fine Tooth Pocket Beard Comb

  • Ethical, Sustainably Sourced Wood

  • Makes Grooming Quick & Easy

  • Removes Knots & Tangles

  • Great for All Beard Types

Our real Pear Wood Beard Combs make your beard grooming routine quick and easy. Using our Fine Tooth Wooden Pocket Beard Comb, makes maintaining well groomed beard throughout the day, regardless of where you are. Wooden combs also do not generate static helping to avoid knots, tangled, and frizzy beard hair. They are softer than metal or plastic, making them less likely to cause damage to beard hair while grooming. Whether you are just starting your beard journey or have a well established beard, our fine tooth wooden beard comb is an essential tool for your grooming kit.

Recommended Beard Type:

A natural wooden beard comb is a must for all beard types, and it is one of the first tools that you should use to comb and maintain your beard. It makes beard grooming and the application of beard care products like oils and balms easy to ensure the best results. Using a wooden beard comb in combination with organic beard oils and/or balms will, completely change the look and feeling of your beard.