Sliquid Sassy, 255ml/8.5oz

Sliquid Sassy, 255ml/8.5oz

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Sassy – A Clean and Simple Water-Based Blend, Only Thicker!

Sliquid Sassy is thicker than the average water based lubricant, but contains no silicone. It’s ideal for anal play because of its consistency, which it gets from plant cellulose.

This lubricant stays in place, is longer lasting and creates a more enjoyable experience for both partners. This thick gel is odorless and won’t get goopy or dry up to fast. The thicker consistency stays on the surface of the skin longer and reduces friction during penetration.

Sassy contains no desensitizing ingredients and is paraben and glycerin free. This lubricant is 100 percent Vegan friendly and ideal for both booty or vaginal play.

Since this lubricant is water soluble, it cleans up easily. It is also hypoallergenic and non-toxic making it safe to use with condoms and all types of toys.

Ingredients: Purified Water Plant Cellulose (from Cotton) Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners) Potassium Sorbate Citric Acid.
Contains 255ml/8.5oz.