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Vibrating Silicone Edging Trainer, Black

Vibrating Silicone Edging Trainer, Black

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Control has serious benefits and the Vibrating Silicone Edging Trainer can help!

Enjoy ultimate solo stimulation with the Vibrating Silicone Edging Trainer. It surrounds the entire penis with supple FlexFit wings and powerful vibration. Regular masturbation strengthens pelvic floor muscles. Hence, it helps to prevent erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. Edging is the practice of purposely delaying orgasm. In addition, it can build sexual stamina and can help with ED by encouraging healthy blood flow to the penis.

The Vibrating Silicone Edge Trainer is crafted with the power to influence. It offers advanced technology to enhance masturbation and elevate intimate experiences. The FlexFit wings wrap around and allow for a personalized fit. Enjoy customizable pressure. Simply press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on or off. Once on, press the power button to cycle through the 8 modes of quiet, powerful vibration.

Your Vibrating Silicone Edging Trainer is conveniently USB rechargeable. And, it comes with a charging cord. The USB charging cord connects magnetically to the end of the sleeve. The power button will blink blue while charging and will stay on once fully charged. Charging takes approximately one hour. Once fully charged, the charge will last for approx. one hour. Recharge the lithium battery before it is fully discharged. This will help to get the longest life expectancy out of it.

Enjoy this trainer in any wet environment because it is waterproof in design! Hence, this trainer is waterproof and washable. Enjoy your sessions in the shower, tub or spa. Finally, clean your new toy with toy cleaner and warm water. Always use a water-based lubricant with silicone materials.

Measures 2.5in or 6.4cm x 0.95in or 2.4cm x 2.8in or 7.1cm