Yoga Wear, Athleisure Wear & Intimate Apparel​

Exotic Peach is proud to offer Exquisitely Designed garments made right here in Alberta, as well as a great selection of Private Label for all your shopping need 

Roberta & Gayle are amazing ladies! Customer service is outstanding and my custom piece turned out beautifully. Masks are also fantastic!

Leduc, AB

Exotic Peach, Gail and Roberta's talents exceed expectations. positive empowering, and enables loving the body you have. their artistic value and knowledge of how to adorn and be beautiful even in active wear. they bring forth a new frontier of design and adornment for bringing out the Goddess in you. Leduc Alberta Made in Canada !!!!!! love the love you bring to the Sisters.

Laura Johnson
Leduc, AB

The ladies at exotic peach are absolutely amazing to work with. Whatever your needs are, they will do their absolute best to make you happy. Highly recommend!

Britt NcCorchuk
Leduc, AB

I had a very comfortable and positive shopping experience looking for a swim suit. Ended up with 2 suits that are more comfortable and flattering than anything I’ve ever tried on before. Gayle and Roberta offer the best quality garments and ensure their customers are satisfied with their purchases. Their one of a kind designs make choosing the hardest part. Highly recommend!

Charlene Anderson
Langdon, AB

About Us

Gayle & Roberta

Owners/Design Team

We’re Exotic Peach

A Little Naughty, but Oh So Sweet!

Leduc, AB may not be where you’d expect to find a sort of tailored design studio. That’s the thing about Exotic Peach, though: we’re all about breaking expectations. 

Founded in 2018, by Designer Roberta Lee and Gayle Anderson. Robert brings over 15 years of design experience

Exotic Peach was built on a dream, a friendship, and a mutual love of fabric, fashion and fun. Whether you’re looking for stylish everyday comfort, activewear to help you be your best, or something to very literally knock your partner’s socks off, you’ll find it here at Exotic Peach – all while being treated to a dedicated, personalized shopping experience that only local ownership can truly provide.

It feels like saying “yes” to the dress – coming into Exotic Peach is like having your own personal stylist at your beck and call.

Friendships form in the oddest places

A friendship began at the Business Services window of a bank, of all places. It was here that Roberta and Gayle first connected. They realized early on that they had a mutual love of fabric and spent many days and nights designing and creating swimwear, lingerie and exotic dance wear.  An opportunity arose to take Roberta's designs to Lake Havasu, AZ for a Spring Fling event to see if they "had what it took". They quickly learned that they were a dream team! On the bus ride back to Las Vegas, they sealed a deal with a pinky swear to form their own company and call it Exotic Peach.

Both come from humble origins; Roberta’s family is of the Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation, and to her, Exotic Peach began as a dream- but in hindsight, it feels more like it was her destiny. Roberta’s mother was a career seamstress, and so she grew up around sewing machines and creative design. Roberta's first love of fabric was jeans, and she became infatuated with how they were put together. 

Gayle is a Northern girl and was born and raised in tiny remote villages and towns of the Northwest Territories.   Gayle brings the practical considerations to the business, leaning on her years of experience in retail sales, banking and finances to help manage logistics and keep the lights on. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with – whether it comes to business, bras, or anything in between!

Think it. Dream it. Make it real.

Bringing a Touch of Local to the Exotic

Shopping for intimate apparel can be a frustrating and discouraging experience. Even finding proper fitting activewear can be a challenge

That’s where we come in.

At Exotic Peach, we take the time to get to know each and every one of our clients. From the moment you walk through our door, you’re treated to a bespoke personal shopping experience. From our in-house designed and created Exotic Peach garments to quality private labeled products, Roberta and Gayle will help you find exactly what you need amongst our ever evolving inventory. After all, who better to help you select the perfect outfit than the very people who stitched it together!

Our goal is to help each and every customer find something that isn’t just perfect, but that’s perfect for them. We know that every single body is unique in shape, size, and so we work to design and recommend clothing with this in mind. We want you to leave our store looking and feeling your best– because at Exotic Peach, we don’t just build product- we build confidence.

We are rewarded daily – with squeals of joy from the dressing room!


Located in the Nortec Building facing 50th Street, next to the Telus Store/Communication 2000


5906 50 Street, Unit #106, Leduc, AB

Business Hours

Tuesday- Saturday

10 am - 5 pm


10 am - 6 pm

Sunday & Monday